Two Col Grid Masonry

The Aloha Project

Ever since my parents went to Hawaii over my birthday (in January), I’ve had an interesting relationship with the islands. For a long time it was just a far off destination full of beaches and cliches…Don Ho and his tiny bubbles and some fruity drinks in the sand in front of the Royal Hawaiian. It …

Flowers blooming

I like plants, I like it when things are growing. Maybe it’s because my grandfather was a farmer? Little makes me happier than walking out my door to see my irises in bloom. So I take a lot of pictures of flowers. Sorry.    

When I’m not taking pictures

I love to be outside, a lot of my favorite pictures are taken in the great outdoors and a lot of my favorite activities include being un-roofed. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time outside preparing for a new challenge. I need big (dare I say, epic) challenges to keep me motivated and focused …

It’s been awhile

Good Afternoon World! Sorry I’ve been checked out a bit lately. Things have been happening, all kinds of things. I’ve still been taking pictures though, added a new camera to the stable and have been playing with some extension tubes a bit, it’s MACRO-MADNESS!!! So I’m just going to apologize now because you’re going to …