Photography + Design

Flowers blooming

I like plants, I like it when things are growing. Maybe it’s because my grandfather was a farmer? Little makes me happier than walking out my door to see my irises in bloom. So I take a lot of pictures of flowers. Sorry.    

When I’m not taking pictures

I love to be outside, a lot of my favorite pictures are taken in the great outdoors and a lot of my favorite activities include being un-roofed. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time outside preparing for a new challenge. I need big (dare I say, epic) challenges to keep me motivated and focused …

It’s been awhile

Good Afternoon World! Sorry I’ve been checked out a bit lately. Things have been happening, all kinds of things. I’ve still been taking pictures though, added a new camera to the stable and have been playing with some extension tubes a bit, it’s MACRO-MADNESS!!! So I’m just going to apologize now because you’re going to …

2017 Easter Sunrise Timelapse

For the last several years we have followed the tradition of getting up to see the sunrise over the ocean each Easter morning. With many and varied family obligations throughout the day, this has become a tradition and time that is ours.

Wandering around over the weekend

The weather in North Florida was absolutely beautiful last weekend. As it was also a recovery week in my training for the Daytona100 in December, I had rather a bit more energy than I might normally. We decided to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy all of the flowers in bloom. We got to chat …

Emily and William Got Married!!

Emily and William went and got themselves married! They were graced with a beautiful day at the Temple in Orlando. Family and friends came from near and far, as far away as Wales to celebrate with them. Here are some fun shots from their momentous day.