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About MODzent

Wherever did the name MODzent come from? My great grandmother, born Maud Stuart, married my great grandfather, Isaac Zent in 1899, on the eve of a new century. And many years later I decided to alter the name slightly for my studio.

It allows creatives of all kinds to create a website that displays their work in a coherent, professional manner. Sartre WordPress theme is highly customisable and offers some 100+ purpose-built content blocks, 24 concept layouts, a range of pre-designed headers, footers, modals and so much more.

Our theme provides you with a comprehensive collection of concepts, from architecture to photo agency and design studio layouts.



My Recent Projects

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Event Photography
Ronald McDonald House
Event Portrait Photography
Rich Sheedy
Real Estate Photography
Stephen Pigman
Event Photography
Anna and Oren King
Wedding Photography